About our Clients

Our clients initially come to us because we are the most reputable and well respected "as needed" babysitting service in Connecticut. We have been caring for children since 2004 and fill hundreds of requests each week. Throughout the years we have hired thousands of sitters and have kept them very busy with over 600,000 personalized sitting placements.

As our clients get to know us and appreciate the childcare contribution that we make to their household, they often become enthusiastic users of our other family care services. Why? Mainly because they know that we thoroughly screen our staff… we can be trusted, we are reliable and we will deliver!

Child Care Services

Your 3 year old wakes up with a fever the day of your presentation at work or your full time nanny just called to let you know that she has a family emergency and will not be able to work for you today. At NAN, we answer phone calls 24 / 7 and are able to address your child care needs generally within a 2 hour window. Our sitter will arrive and be able to step right in, so that you can go about your regular day of work or planned activities.

Nannies As Needed hires only experienced and committed sitters. Each is personally interviewed and demonstrates an ability to keep children happy, busy and safe. Our sitters do more than just babysit; they engage, encourage and educate. We believe that nurturing children should be both fun and rewarding. Our sitters are CPR and First Aid certified, thoroughly screened and they are all bonded.

Transportation Services

The neighbor just called and cannot get your kids from camp today. Your husband is traveling and you were just asked to start working on a new project this afternoon. Who can you trust to collect your children from their activities?

NAN is now able to pick up your children from school or activities and drive them to another destination. Our staff has been screened, has current auto insurance and has a clean driving record. They will be prompt and courteous.

Elder Companionship Services

Your elderly dad now lives alone – you know that his only companion is the TV. You cannot drop everything and take him to a doctor appointment next week or visit him every day.

Call NAN to help him and you out. Our staff can take him to the grocery store, escort him on an engaging walk in the park, read that novel to him that has become a struggle to get through or just sit, talk and laugh a little.

HELP Services

Are you so busy that you just can’t think? Do you ever wonder how you will ever get caught up? The laundry is stacking up, the dishes were not done last night and your cabinets are getting low on the essentials. Give us a chance to HELP out!

Our staff has lots of energy and will take your list and take care of all of the incomplete jobs that you have not been able to address. We are able to run errands, wait for the utility service rep, and even walk the dog in the middle of the day.

Hotel Guest Services

After traveling a distance for a wedding, the provider that your less than favorite aunt lined up for you is not a good fit for your baby. Or, perhaps you have a visiting client who is traveling with her family and you just can’t have that evening business dinner with her AND her children.

We have child care staff who have taken care of children at local hotels for visitors in this area for years. They bring toys, books as well as arts & crafts with them to engage and entertain children during their visit. We will match our sitters ability with the ages and needs of your children so that they will enjoy their stay as well.

About Our Staff

We pride ourselves on our ability to match your individual needs with the perfect service provider. We have taken the time to get to know each of our staff members and each of the families that we serve. We are committed to great service! We hand select each staff member for placement, taking into consideration your family's unique needs. We also do our best to honor any specific requests that you might may have. When you are happy, we are happy!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our growing family as either a service member or as a sitter/provider, please contact us on (203) 874-4939 or select from below: