How NAN Began...

Many years ago, I signed up for an evening class and was not able to find a sitter for my three children one night a week for ten weeks. High School sitters had not been dependable. I took recommendations from friends, looked at local college bulletin boards, and called a few churches. There didn't seem to be a ready or reliable source of babysitters in my area. It occurred to me that many other mothers had the same difficulties finding a good babysitter, and in talking with friends, I realized that this was a widespread problem. This is when I got the idea for Nannies As Needed.

Nannies as Needed

For Nannies As Needed to become real, I initially thought that I just needed to find reliable, experienced sitters. It soon became very apparent to me that it wasn't the lack of sitters that was the problem but more so that there was no real means to match a sitter and her experience with a family and their needs. And, if you were able to make that perfect match, would that sitter be available when that family needed her or him? Well, after a lot of trial and error, I finally realized that it was all about the hands-on personal touch in the matching of the family and the sitter that made the difference.

Since opening in 2004, we have been very successful in providing hundreds of sitters for thousands of families in Connecticut from last minute requests, to sick child care and even planned events such as date nights!

Now, my children are grown and one with a daughter of his own. And again, I find myself in unchartered territory . . . I am now caring for my mom. She took a fall a while ago and needs a walker to get about. She also has macular degeneration and is slowly losing her eyesight. I realize that the issues that I face in caring for my mom are the same challenges that I know many of you are having with your own parents or grandparents.

Like me, you just want to help. Whether it be their desire for some companionship, or to be driven to a doctor appointment, buy groceries or go to the park to get some fresh air, these are all very real needs. With this as my inspiration, I felt that it was time to re-assess my business.

This scenario became my impetus to evolve Nannies As Needed to the next level...taking it from simply sitting to now offering extended family care services. Our first new service is Senior Companionship Care. We have staff with big hearts and the compassion to sit and chat, make lunch, play games or just watch TV for a while. We are also offering "HELP" Services which encompasses any household chores that you may need done, such as laundry, light housework, pet sitting or errand runs. And finally, we are introducing our Family Transportation Service to take your children to and from activities or appointments that you have difficulty fitting into your day. These are all extensions of what we do best which is caring...and now it's about caring for the whole family.

Over the years, you have come to expect and receive quality child care because of our thorough screening and matching process. We trust that you will have that same confidence in us regarding any type of family care service that you may need in the future. We want Nannies As Needed to be your go-to Family Care Service provider.

Try us, you'll like us!