NAN Time…In The Beginning

Many years ago, I signed up for an evening class and was not able to find a sitter for my three children, one night a week for ten weeks. High School sitters had not been dependable and I didn’t know anyone in college. I took recommendations from friends, looked at local college bulletin boards, and called a few churches. There didn’t seem to be a ready or reliable source of babysitters in my area for me to tap into when I needed to. So….on January 5, 2004, I created one, Nannies As Needed! But you can call her NAN!

Nannies as Needed

I Didn’t Know That Then…But I Do Now!

For Nannies As Needed to become real, I initially thought that all I had to do was to find reliable, experienced sitters, and lots of them!. It soon became very apparent that it wasn’t the lack of sitters that was the problem but more so the matching of a sitter and her experience with the specific needs of a family. And then, if you were able to make that perfect match, would that sitter be available when that family actually needed her? Well, after a lot of trial and error, I finally discovered that it was not only all about the hands-on personal touch in the matching process that made the difference but also in having a backup plan in place for each and every family…just in case.

That Magic Formula…

Our clients are not shy about telling us that they love what we do. First, we make it personal every step of the way and second, the quality of our sitting staff. To become a member of our team, each applicant undergoes a comprehensive application process that is very involved.. We check and personally verify all references in meticulous detail. Each applicant needs to have stellar referrals who can attest to the quality of service that they have provided.

The Selection Process…

If the reference information meets with our quality standards and the applicant shows a lot of experience, we schedule a personal interview. First, the applicant meets with our HR director for personality assessment, skill set verification and roll playing and then with myself for philosophy sharing and team building, answering questions and articulating NAN policies and standards. Also, I take this time to get to know a little bit more about them personally, beyond the paper. To complete the cycle, the applicant also meets with our Office Manager and team to explain our communication systems to ensure that client needs and wants are received and acted on. And finally, the candidate meets with Marketing and Business Development to learn the value that NAN places on quality of service and their role in our future direction. Once the interviews are complete, we run a criminal background check and make the decision whether or not to put the applicant on our NAN sitting staff.


Those who have been invited to join our team (made the cut), are asked to create a Profile of themself. At this point, we will start placing them with NAN families who have been with us for a while. We never put a new sitter with a new family! Yes, the whole screening process is a bit laborious but it’s worth it! We take a great deal of pride in being able to offer our NAN families the cream of the crop for your little sprouts!.

But Wait…There’s More…

Going forward, we always follow-up with our sitters and families..this is very important to us. Our sitters give us feedback regarding what is important to them while sitting, and our families give us highlights of their experience with the sitter that we provided to them as well as information about how the process of booking a sitter went. We pride ourselves in being attentive to each family’s requests and needs and in offering childcare providers with experience and a desire to do a good job for each family.

Over the years, you have come to expect and receive quality child care because of our thorough screening and matching process. We trust that you will have that same confidence in us regarding any type of family care service that you may need in the future. We want Nannies As Needed to be your go-to Family Care Service provider.

Since we began in 2004, several other services have also opened and we wish them all well. But now, you have a lot of choices. It can be a bit challenging to say the least, when dazzled by glossy photos and polished profiles if having to make the choice by yourself using other agencies. At Nannies As Needed, we represent and care for you! And, that is why we have been awarded the Best of the Gold Coast for 9 years in a row!

I hope to hear from you!