Nannies As Needed (NAN) is a unique family care service providing exceptional daily, short term and emergency childcare on an as needed basis.We have delighted thousands of families throughout Connecticut since 2004. And, we are very proud that our clients continue to reaffirm that we are the preferred childcare provider in Fairfield and New Haven counties by having voted NAN the Best of the Gold Coast for the past 8 years in a row!

We have a wide range of professional and extensively qualified providers on staff, ranging from college students to grandmothers. Each of our dedicated staff is bonded and has been meticulously screened through our comprehensive, multi-tiered, interview process. From our team, you can expected each to follow instructions well and be fun, caring and energetic, while committing to meet your specific needs, completely!

In addition to childcare, we also offer various other complementary family care services such as senior companionship, transportation, help with household chores, pet care and special needs care to name a few. Our focus is to help you to address many of the needs found in day to day family life through a single, trusted, reliable and easy to use source….and that’s NAN!

Nannies As Needed is a personal, family-oriented company. We recognize that the dynamics of each family that we serve are different and we pride ourselves in working within them so as to make a real difference with those we serve. Whether we find you that ideal sitter who just meshes perfectly with your kids or simply introduce you to a provider who gets the laundry done, runs that package to the Post Office, and tackles those things that you just don’t want to can count on us to be there for you!

Give us a call and be prepared to be dazzled. You’ll get us live!

Nannies As Needed - A Community Partner


There is absolutely nothing that we are going to tell you about COVID-19 that you have not seen or heard already.   Updates are saturating the media with new releases literally every few minutes.  As the number of contamination totals mount and the impact grows closer and closer to home, we all need to take this situation seriously because it is…and we at NAN clearly have!

Our primary concern is for the health and safety of our staff and for that of our clients (new & old). We are a morally driven company and this is positively the right focus for our business…..our team and those we serve.


Where Do We Stand

There is more to our commitment than this.  We have been recognize as a essential resource by the State in support of the childcare needs of the community as schools have closed and daily schedules are upheaved.  Even with a team of 170 strong, deployment remains an issue.  There may not be enough staff to handle the full scope of demand at certain peak times. 

Although we will be prioritizing our assignments to healthcare workers.....the ones who are on the front lines, often working multiple shifts while trying to balance their own childcare needs, we fully expect to be able to accomodate the majority of all requests.from our existing and new clients.  

We are confident that our safety planning efforts and revisions to our schedulding system over the last several weeks will pay off. We are also confident that will be there when you need us!


What You Should Know

We recognize that not everyone will be willing to invite a non-family member into their household.  We understand and respect these decisions. For those who truly need childcare and are in situations where they feel that they just need the relief, you need to be as vigilant as possible in your decision


This is What We are Doing at NAN



  • We are pushing our safety checks as far as we can possibility go, short of actual testing
  • We have interrogated each sitter (170 of them) in comprehensive detail to establish a base safety status. We cover

            - Overall Health

            - Possible Exposure

            - Social Habits

            - Travel both of themselves and anyone they may have been in contact with...domestically and internationally​

​           Each sitter also undergos a saftey re-assessment on the start day of any assignment just to be sure that we have their most current safety status,.      

  • If there is any question as to a sitters safety to others, we are suspending them from our team.
  • Also, clients are afforded the opportunity to conduct their own safety checks on any sitter being considered for their household and to layout the safety rules of their home.
  • In addition, we are evaluating each client’s request from a similar safety perspective.  We will not place a sitter in an unsafe environment. We reserve the right to refuse a request if in our perspective it’s from a compromised household.
  • Senior Support Care Service Suspended.  In all good conscientiousness, we do not want to place our seniors at even the remotest of potential risk of exposure.  For this reason, we will no longer accept requests for senior care.  



Although we have 170 sitters on staff, the number of available sitters will be less.  Not all are passing our safety evaluation and others are just not willing to work during these difficult times.



We pride ourselves on our flexibility and we will always try to meet your needs…always! But, these are challenging times.  We will be counting on our families to be flexible in supporting our safety criteria and in working out the best solution possible for each request.    



      Some things will not change…one of them is our Assessibilty. You will still be  able to reach us live whenever you call…day, night & weekends. If during  congestive times, your call rolls into voice mail, you will be called back  immediately. And, since we do not use an answering service, you will be speaking with a seasoned placement specialist who will be able to act on your request on the spot.


Yes, we have all been asked to make and deal with changes. It’s the new normal for the moment. But what has not changed here at Nannies As Needed is our commitment to service and our willingness to help, one family at a time.

I welcome your questions and look forward to speaking with you personally on (203) 874-4939 or our Priority Line (203) 451-3276.


Be Healthy and Be Well!


      Margie Royster - Owner 

      Nannies As Needed

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: Closed

Office Numbers:

Main: (203) 874-4939 or (860) 992-3280
After Hours Priority Line: 203-451-3276

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