How NAN Began...

Many years ago, I signed up for an evening class and was not able to find a sitter for my three children one night a week for ten weeks. High School sitters had not been dependable, and were often nearly impossible to reach. I took recommendations from friends, looked at local college bulletin boards, and called a few churches. There didn't seem to be a ready or reliable source of babysitters in my area. It occurred to me that many other mothers had the same difficulties finding a good babysitter, and in talking with friends I realized that this was a widespread problem. This is when I got the idea for Nannies As Needed.

Nannies as Needed

In order to begin Nannies As Needed, I had to tackle the question that had given me so much frustration: Where do you find a dependable babysitter? I decided to start soliciting at local colleges, hiring students who had ample childcare experience. I realized that these students with experience in the areas of babysitting, camp counseling, swimming instruction, and nursing and preschool teaching had difficulty finding families to babysit for. The problem wasn't a lack of available sitters, but a lack of means for meeting a babysitter. As I began to widen my search, I realized that there were plenty of moms, grandmas and childcare workers with a passion for caring for children who would love the opportunity to supplement their incomes with part time babysitting.

As a mother, I understand that it can be scary to invite a stranger into your home to watch your children. In order to address this concern, I developed an extensive interview process. Sitters are required to give three personal and three childcare references, which are checked before we even schedule an interview. Each reference is questioned about the sitter's experience, qualifications, and character. Interviews last at least an hour, which gives my staff and me a chance to get to know the sitter's personality and preferences. Because of this interview process, we truly know our sitters and are able to better match them to families who they will work well with. In addition to our interview process, we regularly check on sitter performance with the families they have worked for. We love to hear your comments about our sitters, so feel free to call us with any questions or comments.

Now, I am a mother of college age children who baby sit, I can also understand the concerns that our sitters have about going into different homes each day. We take the time to handpick each family match in order to ensure that each sitting experience will be a positive one. We take into consideration each sitter's strengths and preferences when matching them to a family, and because of this, sitters are able to engage children in doing the activities that they love such as sports, crafts, music, and teaching. I also understand the unique demands of a college student's schedule and we try to work around their busy schedules as much as possible. It is important to us to work as a team, and we strive to make our sitters feel that they are an integral part of our service. We hope to provide an atmosphere where students can continue to focus on their studies and their future, while making money doing something they love: working with children.